At the present time let's talk directly some ablution children's clothes


In the first 30 days things should be washed with soap or a newborn with a especial powderise for babies without phosphates and surfactants. These substances can cause severe allergic reactions in children. Not advised to put the usual ablution powderise for infants, despite his need, most of them still contain harmful chemicals, even in small quantities, because their use does not start earlier than with 2-3 months of age. Bleach, chlorine and other chemicals are also dangerous for a newborn. Any chemical may irritate the facial skin, and gradually build up in the body, causing allergic reactions. Therefore consider that it is a speck of an apple or an allergy to the vest on a face under it? The more so because there are many other ways to take a spot of natural milk, fruits and berries with linen and clothes. Читать полностью -->

Ctirka items newborn


We all know with childhood learned phrase "Cleanliness - a key to well-being." But with the small newborn in a home is that it is not always a case. Doctors strongly recommend to cut or eliminate child's exposure to household cleaning items, so one of the major factors of his allergies. Indeed, a variety of detergents and cleaning items contain chemicals that have a negative impact on a delicate facial skin of a child, because a apply of different surfactants, phosphates and chlorine wash baby items and cleaning toys, dishes, furniture, for it is not permitted.

With a advent of the cottage child soap, air and aqua - a good friend in every sense. Even with a huge range of infants's laundry detergent for child stuff is better to wash rule child soap, rinse them well and very dry air to a fabric not included particles of mold, which is frequently satellites bathrooms. Items for child (diapers, undershirts, sliders, suits), which is directly in contact with a face of the child, it is indispensable in addition to the laundry to iron on both sides, until a umbilical wound is healed. Naturally, this is done in order to prevent infection in a wound. Читать полностью -->

Colic child


The most effective method carries more psychological. All moms find that pushing a child to her fresh, quickly reassure him. Emotional bond with the newborn mom is highly close. How my mum is always to behave gently and quietly. Colic in the newborn can be stopped by using a gentle massage. Gently rub a baby back, stroke in a circular motion clockwise tummy. Читать полностью -->

Staphylococcus aureus in a child


Staph bacteria are highly dense and massively populated a entire planet, you are literally everywhere, but a most dangerous of the views is Aurococcus. It scares a lot of mums earlier birthday, because it is periodically found in almost every hospital. Once the crumbs are aureus, the 1st item a mom is breast-feeding stops and takes a baby to the mixing. But is this microbe terrible how he is painted?

Aurococcus - a bacteria that lives everywhere, including on a facial skin and mucous membranes of man, with a decrease of immunity, it may cause a variety of skin abscesses: boils, pimples, sepsis, and if it is inside, it can cause pneumonia, meningitis, otitis media. In nursing moms potential purulent mastitis.

Not always, identified in a analysis aureus causes disease in children. For example, the diarrhea may be caused by lactose deficiency, and Escherichia coli in sausage eaten mom yesterday. Читать полностью -->

Infant feeding mix


There are also a mixture of infants with phenylketonuria, pancreatic diseases, allergy to gluten. All of them are selected individually by a medical man and strictly on the evidence. Signal that the mix does not fit the child may be his refusal to eat, spitting the mixing frothy fluent stools with mucus or greens, constipation, pain in the stomach, allergies, frequent retrograde blood. If a mixture approached a newborn, up to 3 weeks to substitute it is not desirable, so It is possible to gradually run on to some formula.

When feeding a child from a bottle to carefully monitor the hygiene and sanitary conditions of preparing formula. Hand and jars of child diet food want be washed with soap and water, bottles, pacifiers sterilized. Also for a preparation of mixtures should be used careful water that has a big degree of purification with heavy metals, chlorine, and with short salinity. Читать полностью -->

Exercises after 3 weeks


At this age, there are a 1-st motor skills. Exercises performed during this time are bent legs, crossed arms, legs rotation in a hip joints, twists from stomach to back.

Catching physical jerks with newborns, you not only diversify support - locomotion, but also giving a newborn positive emotions.

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