Bed for child


It must dispel the notion that a child will be more comfortable to sleep on a mild down pillows. 1-st down pillow over time accumulates a dust mites. Second up to three months, the child can not keep yourself with head unformed cervical vertebrae, and the high down pillow may disrupt their normal building and lead to this disease, however torticollis. Up to months of age, doctors recommend not to apply a pillow at all, but instead underlay under the head of a newborn twice a folded towel. Height adjustable cushion however infants have older.

Blanket for a baby must be done of wool. It allows the child's skin to breathe and it alone provides a indispensable warmth to avoid scalding child.

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Things to erase things newborn


Every mom on the birth of the newborn thinks about what and how to erase items newborn. A lot of mums say detergent and bleach negative impact on a child's facial skin, while others insist on a use of these funds in order to kill microbes. There are a lot of features and rules of washing things newborn.

1-st of all, before wash clothes, should be attentively examined on a product memo maintenance of items. More ofttimes, children's wear, particularly for sleeping, has any fire retardant qualities, so that a product is forbidden to wash out in soapy aqua, in ordering to save the flame-retardant properties. The rest of clothes can be washed using soap or detergent.

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Colic child


The most effective method carries more psychological. All moms find that pushing a child to her fresh, quickly reassure him. Emotional bond with the newborn mom is highly close. How my mum is always to behave gently and quietly. Colic in the newborn can be stopped by using a gentle massage. Gently rub a baby back, stroke in a circular motion clockwise tummy. Читать полностью -->

Staphylococcus aureus in a child


Staph bacteria are highly dense and massively populated a entire planet, you are literally everywhere, but a most dangerous of the views is Aurococcus. It scares a lot of mums earlier birthday, because it is periodically found in almost every hospital. Once the crumbs are aureus, the 1st item a mom is breast-feeding stops and takes a baby to the mixing. But is this microbe terrible how he is painted?

Aurococcus - a bacteria that lives everywhere, including on a facial skin and mucous membranes of man, with a decrease of immunity, it may cause a variety of skin abscesses: boils, pimples, sepsis, and if it is inside, it can cause pneumonia, meningitis, otitis media. In nursing moms potential purulent mastitis.

Not always, identified in a analysis aureus causes disease in children. For example, the diarrhea may be caused by lactose deficiency, and Escherichia coli in sausage eaten mom yesterday. Читать полностью -->

Infant feeding mix


There are also a mixture of infants with phenylketonuria, pancreatic diseases, allergy to gluten. All of them are selected individually by a medical man and strictly on the evidence. Signal that the mix does not fit the child may be his refusal to eat, spitting the mixing frothy fluent stools with mucus or greens, constipation, pain in the stomach, allergies, frequent retrograde blood. If a mixture approached a newborn, up to 3 weeks to substitute it is not desirable, so It is possible to gradually run on to some formula.

When feeding a child from a bottle to carefully monitor the hygiene and sanitary conditions of preparing formula. Hand and jars of child diet food want be washed with soap and water, bottles, pacifiers sterilized. Also for a preparation of mixtures should be used careful water that has a big degree of purification with heavy metals, chlorine, and with short salinity. Читать полностью -->

How to bathe a newborn


1st bath - a proceedings which with quivering anticipation are all members of the family. Beautiful parents are afraid of doing something improperly, my grandmother usually lots of council, but too afraid to take responsibility first to bathe a baby. Let's define about basic rules of however to bathe a newborn.

Doctors advise the 1st month until a umbilical wound has healed, bathe a child in an opposable boiled approximately aqua. For this pre-dial a bucket of aqua and let stand to come out a duo of chlorine, then boil h2o and cool to 36-37 degrees, it is at this temperature to wash the infants. In a first bath may be added to herbal teas herbs: succession, chamomile, sea sol, a weak solution of potassium permanganate, rotate them.

Later bath treat pupochek 1-st hydrogen peroxide, then strike the green paint.

Bathe a newborn in the 1-st some weeks is better in a of plastic material baby bath. Under no circumstances want you apply it for other purposes, such as for soaking clothes, and do not sluice with synthetic detergents, only baby soap.

If grandparents demand to know however to bathe a child, not perechte, and invite them to be the helpers in a first bath. Читать полностью -->

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