You put a child vest?


Recites a poem. Scarce awake? Tales, pestovalnaya physical jerks potyagushki - the options are a lot of. Doing massage - call of a aging body. Yes, they will not remember a pipsqueak, but he will listen and put it, features and melodic voice.

Of particular importance for the crumbs keep emotional state. Mom's leaving, talk, touch, give a baby positive emotions and, therefore, brain growth is also progressing.

Moment of swimming - a lovely opportunity to learn to swim crumbs until saved innate reflexes. A great swimming strengthens a muscles, nervous and respiratory systems. Читать полностью -->

SOURCE child


After a newborn is fontanelle ultrasound brain - neurosonography that indicates neurological disease. A rule healthy newborn fontanelle bulging slightly above a skull and done listening clear pulse. If it is too convex bod, bulging more than normal, you request to show crumb medical man. This can be a symptom of intracranial pressure, meningitis, tumors. Call the physician immediately if, in addition to bulge fontanel a newborn has a fever, vomiting, drowsiness, seizures, if bulging occurred after a fall or injury. Concavity fontanelle indicates dehydration, which may occur at high temperature, acetone poisoning. Читать полностью -->

Laundry Baby


In no case can not use bleach for babies's garments. Specifically dangerous to soundness of babies bleach containing chlorine in its structure: its sharp and unpleasant odor persists after washing, remaining on linen, and can cause allergies. For a like reason, during wash baby clothes, do not apply air conditioners or rinses, with a strong aroma. Child detergents should not smell anything, and incorporate in its structure how some however possible of variant additives.

Later wash to fine rinse a newborn clothes that there is not enough lather. If you are wash by machine, you establish up a "extra rinse".

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Items to erase things newborn


Using chlorine bleach is effective to kill germs when ablution such items so baby diapers, diapers or newborn clothes patient. If the child's facial skin is not sensitive to this kind of substance and has no damage, a use of bleach is considered safe because the chemicals in a wash out rinse completely.

It is worth noting that you should not apply bleach to wash with ordinary clothes newborn. Remember that with a decrease in a number of different chemicals used for wash baby items, reduces a likelihood of further allergic reactions and damage to the skin of a baby.

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Dining early children


Nutrition of premature babies should be particular and technique feed them fresh. Naturally, the infants born before the term is not however rightly-developed reflexes, however in infants who were born in time. That is why on feeding way is to choose the pose in which the baby will be automatically swallowing milk and will not trigger the gag reflex rejection of meal.

Do not be alarmed if your medic recommends that you feed a newborn done a tube. This type of regime administered to infants who were born with extremely deep birthday weightiness. The future step is bottle feeding, then how and when the sucking reflex will be potential to move to a full natural feeding.

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How to look for a child baby


During his stay in a nursing house beautiful mother trained to maintain proper feeding and service of a natural.

Later being discharged with the hospital child leaving want be taken of a conditions to ensure proper construction of the baby in a family.

With the very first hours after discharge from a hospital a baby prettily mum helps infants poliklinnnka. Come cottage GP, nurse.

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