Now on diapers.


The fact that the first month they must be ironed on both sides, we remember well. Here's however to wash? It is good to sluice with ordinary baby soap. They may also zastiryvat and stains with feces. Diaper claim to rinse very rightly. Dry, of course, it would be helf on the street but there is a sign of persistent grandmothers items a magnetically baby can not be dry in a street to avoid the evil eye. Believe it or not - your business! But sometimes with much of diapers drying in a apartment develops mold, that much more dangerous for the child's heartiness, and a parents too. Читать полностью -->

A baby would not put a warm!


How much may you expect, it's been more than 12 hours later birth, and a newborn does not pick up the breast?

Demand to pick up decisive action. Mother to express her natural milk or colostrum and feed the baby. Colostrum may be mixed with glucose. Feed best finger technique. If it is impossible to express her colostrum (a first days of his hands to express better than breast pump), for the 1-st time may be given just aqua with glucose. Many children get to breastfeed when they are fed with a finger. Читать полностью -->

Physical jerks for a child


Even before his birthday, the newborn does her first gymnastics - pushed and rotated. Trains and prepares for a most demanding physical activity - the passage through a birth canal. Gyms for a child conducted taking into account a hygiene and physical evolution. Start light exercise can be with 1 month. This is necessary for a growth of a muscular system, respiratory and circulatory. If there are no abnormalities in physical development, gyms may hold mom. Читать полностью -->

Hiccups in infants - why is there and as to cope with it


Hiccups in babies, repeated frequently scares parents. Hiccups - reflex phenomenon lasting from min to hours. The mechanism of contraction of the diaphragm in newborn excitable, how they are in the 1st few months of life are prone to hiccups.

Directly with diet food hiccups in newborns is not connected, but individual errors in feeding a child sometimes contribute to its look.

A most common causes of hiccups:

- Overeating;

- Swallowing air during feeding;

- Much rapid absorption of fresh food.

Feed a newborn when he is really hungry, calm and not excited.

Want closely monitor a newborn during feeding. Do sure not too fast he drinks. If sucking is extremely effectual for a short time to pull away with a breast, give respite, hold "columns" to air out, got into a stomach. If a child is bottle-fed - do not make a more big hole in a nipple, and replace it periodically.

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