What to pick up to a hospital


When you have it should be with you only:

A passport

Exchange card

Compulsory insurance med. Policy

If delivery fee, a contract (contract) for delivery

Washable slippers. You want not take fluffy slippers.

This is a most basic, essential things for admission to delivery. Normally in free hospital more than anything and do not allow. In paid maternity, It is possible to pick up a lot of extra items, such as camera, camcorder, cell phone (it is consummate to pick up the charger). But in any hospital has its own rules permitted perfect to clarify things and about them in progress. Читать полностью -->

Wash clothes child


Washing clothes child does not preclude a use of chlorine bleach. Particularly it will be effectual in wash diapers, because it prevent germs and protect a child, but in this case the process for rinsing must be carried out in several phases, with hot and coldness aqua.

Particular caution should be exercised to moms and dads whose children suffer from allergies. Here you need to choose exceptional powders and detergents to be marked "hypoallergenic" and must consult with a physician for apply of bleach and other means. A most important item - not a effect of pure white, and the rightly-being of a baby.

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What should be taken to a hospital - hygiene:


Soap dish soap, toothpaste and toothbrush, comb, shampoo, a little mirror.

Restroom paper

Sanitary pads biggest (maxi, ultra super) or presently sell limited for moms.

Panties. I once took the normal and water-washed them. Now It is possible to put it one-off to avoid it.

Towel - duo.

Cosmetics (good in the day of discharge)

Nipple Serum - husband so buy if indispensable. It is needed to lubricate cracked nipples. I, for example, it is not effective.

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Swaddle a baby - plus non-swaddling


Currently, a lot of parents are returning home with the race, dress for your newborn romper, overalls and jackets. And you enjoy this evidence-based arguments. Chief among these causes is the more rapid building of a child-free diapers. How soon as the newborn learns to coordinate them, will go faster development of motor skills and thinking accordingly. And so you say in the movement of life. The child moves arms and legs - a kind of exercise and training of muscles, which only has a good effect on the further building and the ability to control his aging body. Читать полностью -->

Dining premature babies


It is worth remembering that infants who were born prematurely, tired of the mechanical action quickly, which is why, even though you can easily suck, need be fed with a bottle, so you will be a way to a more convenient and comfortable.

The number of feeding a child will be determined in every case, a medic, and will depend on how the body of a child given to him engrossed nutrients. We must to try to make sure that with any subsequent meal, babies have more nutrients. So gradually increasing a number of its meal, you will contribute to its position and building.

Do not worry, a untimely baby can gain over time the necessary mass, one has alone to remember that his or her aging body to a greater extent than children born at term, wants vitamins. Heed all prescription, because it is a vitamin complex will help him to quickly deal with the development of all vital functions and processes.

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Child retrograde blood


After feeding a child becomes too efficient and this can cause vomiting. So, it is recommended to help a newborn to release trapped air during feeding, which you just get to hold it upright, "whisker", even if a baby is in the process of eating sleeping, most likely he will wake up, that would have rid of a air. Not indispensable following every meal to keep the newborn upright, just pay attention to a child's behavior, if it is restless, you want stand up "columns", but if it is quiet, it means that it is not then no worries.

Do not leave the baby later feeding, when he sleeps on his back, that he would not choke if there is vomiting. It is perfect to place a baby on his position or stomach, or use careful pillows to sleep.

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