Signs of premature baby


Signs of a untimely baby, in particular a weakness you require more leaving and weekly service of a child. It need be borne in mind that one of these features is the temperature of the baby - it is lower in preterm rates may be even 30 degrees. This is due to a big evaporation with a surface of a aging body, however it happens - the heat, which is necessary for a normal functioning of the body in a organic technique is lost. The second difficulty of care and survival of untimely babies is associated with hypoplasia of a muscles. While still a baby is unable to meticulously perform motor activity, does not enjoy vital reflexes and needs intensive upkeep and look after, that he promptly mastered a set of required actions to control his aging body.

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A small newborn


Teething can be preceded by swelling of gums, occasionally accompanied by an accumulation of blood - a hematoma. In this case, we keep to show the newborn medic. Pick up a action to accelerate the appearance of a teeth without a council of a doctor is bad. Any negligence may damage the permanent tooth bud. This is especially important for molars, which appears at the age of 6 years and is usually preceded by a change of milk teeth to permanent. With small service it can highly quickly undergo decay.

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How to bring back a rule child child sleeping


Common cause of insomnia newborn is that moms and dads are not created in a nursery the necessary atmosphere. Remember that hot and very dry air is not permitted. Do not forget to ventilate a rooms, vacuum it and wash out a floors. If you need to make the best conditions for a rest, you must know that the temperature in a apartment want be size plus twenty degrees.

If a newborn newborn continues to act up, and refuses to sleep in the allotted time, so try to do all time long in order to increase its energy consumption. To achieve this extremely easily - do newborn massage, get with it newborn physical jerks, play and walk on the street. Serious rule - do not overheat your baby, keep in mind that a aging body and so much energy spent on it to maintain their aging body temperature. Читать полностью -->

Newborn fester eyes


A most common cause of lacrimal obstruction in babies up to 2 months in the channel is the formation of however-called "gelatinous tube." Other causes of obstruction are much rarer. The disease is quite common and occurs in about the size of 5% of babies. Inflammation of the skin eyes caused by the violation of the outflow of tears, called neonatal dacryocystitis. Gelatin film is formed from embryonic cells, mucus and the baby. Later birthday, with a 1st respiratory movements it is pushed, and tear duct breaks yourself. If for some cause, and there may be many, a channel itself is not penetrated, then a pathology that leads to inflammation. Читать полностью -->

As to wear baby - on the street and at home


Here came a long-awaited moment! Baby was born, and proud moms and dads with a newborn of going cottage. And then it appears at the recently mums and dads a lot of questions. However a rule, you are not experienced with the babies and very afraid of doing something improperly. However to feed, How to look, how to wear a child? Here are about common questions that worry moms and dads just appeared a newborn. Let us dwell in more detail on a third issue.

A most important rule - stick to the lucky mean. The child need be dressed as that he was hot and comfortable. Читать полностью -->

Bed for baby


Buy a mattress, pillow, blanket and bedding online store will help new moms and dads. In the online store for babies may find a indispensable accessories that can provide a comfortable and healthy sleep crumbs.

With about a age of three weeks a baby moms and dads want pick up upkeep of a safety of a newborn in the crib, because from that moment crumb begins to run independently on the crib and may hit on her. In order to avoid injuries to a newborn's crib, wear limited protection. It represents a three or four mild bumper that completely cover a entire perimeter of a crib. This protection provides a safe position the newborn in the crib and calm moms and dads.

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