Feeding child


A newborn must be fed on want, he knows exactly when and however much he wants to eat.

For best relationship in babies and a mums, you should be together face to facial skin all time and night (see skin to skin). When a child is ready he will be for the chest. It is great immediately of the birth to allow a mother and child to be in close skin-to-skin however much time how you should to "find" each other, it will not face a question of non-natural. Put a child for 5 minutes. To a breast - it's like nothing to do. You should be together until a baby himself, without pressure or coercion will breasts. Читать полностью -->

Things to erase items child


Using chlorine bleach is useful to kill germs when washing such things however baby diapers, diapers or child clothes patient. If a baby's skin is not sensitive to this kind of material and has no damage, a apply of bleach is considered safe because the chemicals in a wash rinse completely.

It is worth noting that you must not use bleach to ablution with normal clothes child. Remember that with a decrease in the number of varied chemicals used for ablution child things, reduces a likelihood of further allergic reactions and damage to a skin of a baby.

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So to bathe a child


Pulling a child out of a bath, wrap a towel or flannel diaper. It is very convenient to apply a particular changing mat, it can be put on a ablution machine in a lavatory, and then the process will be much easier to swim. Then clothe and feed a baby. Kids relax in approximately h2o, they are helf at moving away jeep, stops tummy ache, they so eat with appetite and sleep soundly. Complete time, a newborn will like water treatment, and yet It is possible to bathe in a large adult bath. Just remember that the bathroom should be cleaned alone environmentally friendly means.

Be sure to capture a 1-st swim on the camera or video camera, and then those goodness memories will be with you for life. Читать полностью -->

Child pacifiers


If you resolve to breastfeed exclusively breastfed, you do not must to give a child a pacifiers, because the baby can go bad rightly latch. It can start however a pacifier sucking, smacking, chewing it. However a effect, a natural milk flow will be worse, the baby will beginning to get nervous and refuse a warm, and my mom will get painful cracks and hardening.

If breast-feeding you keep not had a child and had to be transferred to the mix up, child pacifiers you just want. Quite frequently it happens that a newborn cries, screams, and it does not calm down, a nursing mother in this case will give "sisyu", and non-lactation soother and baby immediately calmed down. In addition, if you are not accustomed to the baby pacifier, it may eventually begin to suck his finger, causing incorrect formation of teeth and gums.

But we should not abuse this tool, remember that a dummy is required primarily to calm the children, not the moms and dads. Occasionally babies cry with boredom, they should striving, and my mom, instead of taking it to handle, talk, play puts a pacifiers in his mouth.

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Washing clothes newborn


When bringing home a little crumb, then a matter arises - so to deal with his clothes? The skin of children, specifically children, are more sensitive to them and all a items keep to be very pleasant and comfortable to wear. For help immediately comes a lot of advisers, with both parents mothers and a relatives of the spouse. Some say that a use of bleach and "adult" means may affect the baby's skin may cause irritation and dermatitis. Others believe that if water-washed mode with these same tools, but alone in the limited program "child clothes", no effects and irritations will not.

Ablution clothes child becomes a kind of dilemma for all moms: a Carefully wash and so the baby feels comfortable in water-washed items? First you should to carefully examine a labels and tags from the manufacturers of babies's clothes that you wear a baby. Manufacturers prompt at what temperature must erase this thing and whether to apply with a means. If the icon is hand wash, do not experiment and spoil a kid thing, refuse to apply the ablution machine for a sake of the sluice item to bring a crumb enjoy wearing. Читать полностью -->

What to put to a hospital for discharge:


These things do not have to pull ahead.

On the time of discharge relatives bring:

Clothing for mum. In ordering not to be trapped, perfect put items that are worn during pregnancy. Because a stomach does not go how fast, and a other can not climb.

For a newborn, take things with elements of blue or pink depending on a sex of a baby:

Child's loose jacket


Diapers (little and great)



Space and a ribbon.

Take the prescribing camera or camcorder (may both) to this beautiful moment in the life was at a photograph. This point is particularly important!

In a cold-blooded season (fall, spring, winter) in addition to a required statement:

Heartwarming hat

Warm blanket

A list of what to pick up to a hospital for themselves and child ends.

P.S. On some occasion a candy gifts and flowers for nurses that will make a newborn, and a other doctors at will.

I sincerely wish you to easily transfer a labor and give birthday to a strong healthy child! Happiness of your family and home!

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