Signs of untimely newborn


Signs of a untimely baby is, above all, its index of age - born prematurely at 9 months. When you see a lightness before a baby has a smaller sizing and weight than ordinary children - so in a case of early birthday of a newborn does not possess time to type a desired body mass and grow. Covers a aging body of a newborn on the face wrinkled skin - because she is not accustomed to the new environment and are not moved away with staying in the aqua. Generally, untimely children are born in a reddish complexion. Particular care should be treated with the head of a newborn - she Bole gentle and needs a more delicate handling than a already fully formed bodies of full-term infants. Do not be afraid that the nails of the newborn is not mature enough to the edge of a fingers - this process will already put place naturally in the new environment for a newborn.

Can be observed in the visible signs of lung hypoplasia, which do not carry dire consequences for a next: a girls can be underdeveloped lips sex or boys are not left out in the testicles moshotku.

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Lactation a newborn


Following a some simple tips, you can easily install a breastfeeding infant. The most important is the attitude of mind and mom, she has to be sure that he may bring up his toddler feeding. 97 percent of all mothers may feed easily breastfeed your newborn until at least one year old, alone 3 percent can not do that.

A first natural milk that the newborn sucks a fluid is washy and it is drinking. Then milk is thicker and white, child sucks his hard, it serves food.

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Child 1 month


Much influential for the baby's 1st 5 days of life, at which time passes birth stress, a newborn must always be observed by a doctor. Today, a lot of children are born with birth trauma, low Apgar score, such babies demand further examination, how mum and newborn after hospital can immediately translate to the newborns. In a early times, and laid the foundation for a successful lactation. Immediately of the birth is applied to a chest, and he gets a drop of valuable colostrum to goodness immunity in a next. 3-5 day my mom got a first milk earlier the child is fed colostrum. Milk and colostrum allocated so much however you baby if you feed it on claim. Читать полностью -->

Newborn 1 30 days


Do not worry if the end of one 30 days baby obsypet pimples, similar teenagers, it's my mother's hormones go. Possible allergic rash, however be sure to follow a schedule for for lactation. You need not eat foods that increase gas production, they can cause colic. If crumbs tummy hurts, It is possible to give a bit, which will prescribe the medical man put on his tummy heartwarming diaper or put into his stomach, skin to facial skin contact is a most useful. After feeding, hold the newborn in a column, until he srygnet.

Up to 1 30 days a baby is efficacious 2-4 hours daily. Baby sleeps about the size of 20 hours, a second 30 days of a waking hours will increase. Читать полностью -->

How to wear child in winter - winter Dowry for a child


Preparing dowry for a child, put To wishlist that babies grow very fast and a nice abundance of items can not stay relevant. Baby just do not have time to pick up down all, it will be his kid.

So to take clothes for the child? - A basic requirements

1. Child clothes want be made of natural, mild tissues, in ordering to avoid skin irritation newborn. Best is 100% cotton, it face breathe. Woolen garments is extremely comfortable for a baby, because it has the ability to stretch, but it holds its shape.

2. In ordering not to disturb a baby much dressing (and it will keep to do ofttimes), the clothes need be easy to fasten and unfasten one's coat. Читать полностью -->

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