Signs of early baby


Signs of a early child is, above all, its index of age - born prematurely at 9 weeks. When you see the lightness earlier a child has a smaller sizing and weight than rule babies - however in the case of early birth of the baby does not enjoy time to type the desired aging body mass and grow. Covers the aging body of a newborn on a facial skin wrinkled skin - because she is not accustomed to a new environment and are not moved away from staying in the aqua. Generally, early babies are born in a reddish complexion. Particular service should be treated with a head of a newborn - she Bole mild and requires a more delicate handling than a already fully formed bodies of full-term infants. Do not be afraid that the nails of a newborn is not mature enough to a edge of the fingers - this process will along put place naturally in a new environment for a newborn.

May be observed in the visible signs of lung hypoplasia, which do not carry dire consequences for the next: a girls may be underdeveloped lips sex or boys are not left out in the testicles moshotku.

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Laundry Child


Contaminated child clothes need be folded separately from adults, and not to put off laundry for more than per day. Do not forget that children's clothes can be washed along with a things adults only after the baby is three years old. When the diaper is dirty little, there is a desire to immediately water-washed off, that is just soap soiled part. This is not recommended, however the child's clothes need always be perfectly clean out.

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Dining premature children


It is worth remembering that babies who were born prematurely, tired of a mechanical action speedily, which is why, even though they may easily suck, must be fed from a bottle, however you will be a method to a more convenient and comfortable.

The number of feeding a child will be determined in any case, a medical man, and will depend on how a body of the child given to him absorbed nutrients. We wish to strive to do sure that with any subsequent meal, children receive more nutrients. So gradually increasing a number of its food, you will contribute to its position and building.

Do not worry, a premature baby can gain over time a necessary weightiness, one has only to remember that his or her body to a greater extent than babies born at term, requires vitamins. Heed all prescription, because it is a vitamin complex will help him to quickly deal with a evolution of all vital functions and processes.

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Why child hiccups


Later the birth of children delivered by parents not only joy, but also a sea to worry size. One of them - a hiccup. Infants begin to hiccup in the womb, a pregnant girl 18 years old is great to hear. Short duration hiccups - is rule, it need not be a worry, but if a child hiccups too frequently or too long (more than a day continuously), a child should necessarily show a pediatrician and neurologist, how it is can cause serious abnormalities.

Why child hiccups

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Sleeping child on his stomach


Proponents of the opposite view, saying that sleeping child on his stomach promotes helf discharge of jeep, which is very important for children from one to three weeks. It turns out that the newborn is same massaging the tummy, which has a positive impact on the work of a intestine. Also children who sleep in this position, keep a head rather start than your peers. A chief item that moms and dads demand to do is select the quality and quite stiff and do not apply a mattress pad. Periodically rotate the child's head with one side to the other, not to numb your neck muscles. Any benefit to this shape of sleep, is that you do not have to worry approximately is the fact that a crumb may drown in spit-up. Читать полностью -->

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