How to wear newborn for a walk


If you're going for a walk, it is first necessary to remember that the child should dress according to a weather, ie without fanaticism. Normally, compassionate caring mum wrapped the infant to the point that he was not able to move. Of course, this is done to a child is not freezing. But this tactic will only get worse. 1-st, if swaddled newborn too much, the motor activity of a newborn will not cultivate so successfully so we would same. Secondly, a child will be raised sweating, which can contribute to dehydration or colds.

On this, equipping kid to follow the following rule: wear it how many layers of clothing, as your mum on a most. Читать полностью -->

Physical jerks for a newborn


Even before his birthday, the child does her first physical jerks - pushed and rotated. Trains and prepares for the most demanding physical activity - the passage through a birth canal. Physical jerks for a newborn conducted taking into account a heartiness and physical development. Start lightness exercise may be with 1 30 days. This is required for the development of a muscular system, respiratory and circulatory. If there are no abnormalities in physical evolution, gyms may hold mom. Читать полностью -->

Regurgitation, diaper rash, heat rash, crying newborn


Anyone who spends caring for a newborn facing a phenomenon of regurgitation during feeding a baby. Ofttimes he is suffering from abdominal cramps, how that leaves the warm Sucitu legs, crying. At times it is frothy and white lumps chair.

This is explained by a physiological immaturity of the aging body. For a like cause, there are cases of small digestion newborn natural milk. In this case, the newborn belly swells, a chair is very common, with mucus. It is important to determine what caused all this, is not the result of a state of intestinal infection. Читать полностью -->

Swaddle a newborn


Throughout a post-Soviet space previously taught to swaddle a baby with outstretched arms and legs. This technique of diapering is called "tight." But such swaddling probably used to simplify the medical staff in hospitals. Feet from such swaddling evenly and will not hypertonicity persists. Babies previously placed separately from mothers in the nursery, and they themselves possess to put care of lots of babies and children spelenovannye column behaved quietly. And sterilize diapers much easier than little children's things. Currently, even in this kind of houses swaddling do not practice.

More recently, a new fashion blew out of a cradle. Читать полностью -->

Child bad breastfeeding


Usually lazy sucker - is kids who were born or by cesarean section, or have birth trauma, with heart disease, those who were born however a result of long labor, incentives, extrusion, that is the general cause - it's child blues. Child is born weak, because it would be hard to breastfeed.

Frequently these children in the first days offer otpaivat electrolyte, and when trying to bottle pipsqueak, the port latch rightly - and this is the second cause for the lazy sucking. When a baby is gaining enough weight, he either does not sleep or sleeping all the time, on the contrary, it slows the development of a baby. Healthy Baby for 1st month normally gaining an average of 600-800 g, and often 1 kg, lazy - to 400 grams. The third cause lower weight gain - is fed by the hour (every 3-4 hours), and not on demand, plus some added thereto mother sucking alone for 20 min, how is normally recommended old textbooks Pediatrics.

Based on a causes, it is indispensable to solve the question.

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