Exercises after 3 weeks


At this age, there are a 1-st motor skills. Exercises performed during this time are bent legs, crossed arms, legs rotation in a hip joints, twists from stomach to back.

Catching physical jerks with newborns, you not only diversify support - locomotion, but also giving a newborn positive emotions.

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Weightiness gain of a newborn baby


Control weight semiannual shows specifications for the boy in a middle - with 7.5 kilogram to 11 g. For girls in this time - with 7 to 11kg. From 9 weeks to a year, monthly weight gain of 350-500g. By year end, the average weight for boys is 9,5-13,5 kilogram. Girls on average weigh betwixt 9 and 13 kg.

Signs of normal adequate supply characterized by a main helf condition of the newborn, a great appetite, harmonious development, resistance to infection. The skin must be healthy, resilient. Читать полностью -->

Habenula is of three kinds:


1. Tongue-tie - is elongated fold natural honey tongue and a lower sky. This case occurs in a dental practice most frequently. Language turns out however though glued to the sky, that interferes with a ordinary latch child to a natural, and later cause problems with a pronunciation of palatal sounds, such as, "d", "p", "l". Because of the small mobility of a tongue toddler may lisp or lisp.

2. Frenulum of the upper lip. Читать полностью -->

Child bad breastfeeding - lazy sucker



When a baby is not suckling pediatricians call it "lazy sucker." When a magnetically inexperienced mum hears this "disappointing diagnosis," the 1st item she does - run to the store for a bottle of a mixing and, sighing heavily, she did not succeed with lactation.

Newborn and breastfeeding babies who breastfeed bad may it be for a long time, so smacked, then fall asleep in the end you suck a small natural milk and small gravity gain, doctors typically within one answer - enter supplementation mixing. When it appears on the horizon a bottle from which sucking a lot easier than from a chest, even if it is with a little hole and has a anatomical bod, a newborn starts to idle more and moving away from a natural. If you keep a similar situation, but you do not wish to lose breastfeeding, read our tips.

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Excerpt child winter


Currently coming to a end of a 9th month of pregnancy: hospital selected, a physician agreed grandmother lovingly bought diapers, undershirts and sliders, but they all start to worry a new problem, it's coldness outside, so to prepare for discharge newborn in the winter?

A 1st item I want to say: nature made us stronger and stronger than us at minutes, it seems. Babies are born, and in a far north and at the equator, how a newborn is not as helpless and weak as we Think about it. If we make a baby too comfortable, constant conditions, it will not stimulate immunity, and this may result in a flurry of disease in contact with the newborn in an unfamiliar, less comfortable environment.

Kids born in the late autumn and winter, are considered stronger than the spring and summer kids just because they are not adapt to a temperature difference between outdoors and indoors. What you require to buy and do to extract a child winter had no effect on his hygiene?

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