What to write newborn in winter


Winter on a court, and a time came to give birthday to you? Of course, you are already prepared for a hospital bag, diapers, diapers, hats and raspashenki lovingly purchased grandmother, stroller and playpen - dad. On the agenda is a matter of what to write child in winter?

To beginning, resolve whether you need to buy something that is versatile and wearable for some time and yet need beautiful bows and delicate lace? Normally with the 1st child select it is a second, how grandmothers, my father and my mother certainly require the most nice and good for a newborn, but no one really does not know that the great and practicality do not always go together. However, consider the options of clothes for winter discharge.

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Dining newborn


Somewhere in a middle of up to 6 weeks, the child receives alone natural milk. Then, when it's time to introduce complementary foods, milk did not lose their value, it is, on the contrary, adapts to the child. Enzymes in breast milk, help a newborn cope with the stomach digesting unfamiliar diet food. Why, we first give the lure, and then Child drink it with milk.

Presently a bit of synthetic feeding. For a first some weeks of baby's life must be adapted formula. Its composition is however close to the composition of warm natural milk. Читать полностью -->

Bed for newborn


It should dispel a notion that the baby will be more comfortable to sleep on a gentle down pillows. First down pillow over time accumulates a dust mites. Second up to three months, the newborn may not keep yourself with head unformed cervical vertebrae, and the high down pillow can disrupt a normal development and lead to this disease, so torticollis. Up to weeks of age, doctors recommend not to apply a pillow at all, but instead underlay under a head of a child twice a folded towel. Height adjustable cushion as infants have older.

Blanket for a baby need be done of wool. It allows the baby's skin to breathe and it only provides the indispensable heating to avoid scalding newborn.

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However to feed expressed natural milk


If you are warm-feeding because of a failure of her newborn, every day, with time to time in 1-2 feeding crumbs yet offer a natural. Occasionally it happens that even after a child is 4-7 weeks fed expressed natural milk from a bottle, he suddenly begins to pick up a warm itself, however yes it is actively eating, then later that, the mother grabs his head, however to cure it now with her. A like goes for the weak and early children, however they start to have stronger, you learn to suck and 3-5 30 days of life did start to juice themselves with a warm natural milk.

If you get established natural-feeding, and feeding expressed milk is required however a temporary resolution, a right not to spoil a newborn latch on, ask a nurse or grandma feed him expressed milk with a cup or spoonful. Do not let a baby suck on a nipple for infants, it is superfluous. Occasionally kids successfully suck and mother, and a bottle. For perestahovki can choose up a current anatomical (antikolikovuyu) bottle with a small hole. Читать полностью -->

Infant feeding mixing


Mixture divided into adapted, non-adapted and partially adapted. Adapted formulas more suitable infants, because the composition is how close to a composition of fresh natural milk. Partially adapted formulas worse repeat composition of warm milk, but usually are more cheap, which is also important for a family. If a baby does not get well-being problems, It is possible to talk with a pediatrician about a transfer of a baby to such a mixture, but alone after 3-6 months. Unadapted mix - is essentially cow's or goat's natural milk, and feed a infants up to a year's milk is not recommended, because its structure is extremely varied from a composition of female natural milk, and seethe further reduces the quantity of nutrients it contains.

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