Swaddle a baby - plus non-swaddling


Currently, a lot of parents are returning home with the race, dress for your newborn romper, overalls and jackets. And you enjoy this evidence-based arguments. Chief among these causes is the more rapid building of a child-free diapers. How soon as the newborn learns to coordinate them, will go faster development of motor skills and thinking accordingly. And so you say in the movement of life. The child moves arms and legs - a kind of exercise and training of muscles, which only has a good effect on the further building and the ability to control his aging body. Читать полностью -->

Dining premature babies


It is worth remembering that infants who were born prematurely, tired of the mechanical action quickly, which is why, even though you can easily suck, need be fed with a bottle, so you will be a way to a more convenient and comfortable.

The number of feeding a child will be determined in every case, a medic, and will depend on how the body of a child given to him engrossed nutrients. We must to try to make sure that with any subsequent meal, babies have more nutrients. So gradually increasing a number of its meal, you will contribute to its position and building.

Do not worry, a untimely baby can gain over time the necessary mass, one has alone to remember that his or her aging body to a greater extent than children born at term, wants vitamins. Heed all prescription, because it is a vitamin complex will help him to quickly deal with the development of all vital functions and processes.

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Child retrograde blood


After feeding a child becomes too efficient and this can cause vomiting. So, it is recommended to help a newborn to release trapped air during feeding, which you just get to hold it upright, "whisker", even if a baby is in the process of eating sleeping, most likely he will wake up, that would have rid of a air. Not indispensable following every meal to keep the newborn upright, just pay attention to a child's behavior, if it is restless, you want stand up "columns", but if it is quiet, it means that it is not then no worries.

Do not leave the baby later feeding, when he sleeps on his back, that he would not choke if there is vomiting. It is perfect to place a baby on his position or stomach, or use careful pillows to sleep.

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Child bad breastfeeding - lazy sucker



When a child is not suckling pediatricians call it "lazy sucker." When a prettily inexperienced mom hears this "disappointing diagnosis," a 1-st item she does - move to the store for a bottle of a mix and, sighing heavily, she did not succeed with breast-feeding.

Newborn and lactation children who breastfeed bad can it be for a long time, then smacked, so fall asleep in the end they suck a some natural milk and small weightiness gain, doctors typically within one answer - enter supplementation mix. When it appears on a horizon a bottle from which sucking much easier than with a chest, even if it is with a small hole and has the anatomical shape, a baby starts to idle more and moving away from the fresh. If you possess a similar situation, but you do not should to lose breast-feeding, read our tips.

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So to wear child in winter - winter Dowry for a newborn


Preparing dowry for a child, take To wishlist that babies grow much fast and a beautiful abundance of items can not stay relevant. Newborn just have not time to put down all, it will be his kid.

How to pick out clothes for a newborn? - The chief requirements

1. Child clothes must be made of natural, gentle tissues, in order to avoid skin irritation child. Best is 100% cotton, it skin breathe. Woolen clothes is much comfortable for the child, because it has a ability to stretch, but it holds its form.

2. In ordering not to disturb a newborn much dressing (and it will enjoy to do frequently), a clothes need be easy to fasten and unfasten one's coat. Читать полностью -->

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