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We all know with childhood learned phrase "Cleanliness - a key to well-being." But with the small newborn in a home is that it is not always a case. Doctors strongly recommend to cut or eliminate child's exposure to household cleaning items, so one of the major factors of his allergies. Indeed, a variety of detergents and cleaning items contain chemicals that have a negative impact on a delicate facial skin of a child, because a apply of different surfactants, phosphates and chlorine wash baby items and cleaning toys, dishes, furniture, for it is not permitted.

With a advent of the cottage child soap, air and aqua - a good friend in every sense. Even with a huge range of infants's laundry detergent for child stuff is better to wash rule child soap, rinse them well and very dry air to a fabric not included particles of mold, which is frequently satellites bathrooms. Items for child (diapers, undershirts, sliders, suits), which is directly in contact with a face of the child, it is indispensable in addition to the laundry to iron on both sides, until a umbilical wound is healed. Naturally, this is done in order to prevent infection in a wound. Normally it heals completely within 3-4 weeks after birthday. After that, all the iron on both sides is not indispensable. Excessive sterility also useless.

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