Habenula is of three kinds:


1. Tongue-tie - is elongated fold natural honey tongue and a lower sky. This case occurs in a dental practice most frequently. Language turns out however though glued to the sky, that interferes with a ordinary latch child to a natural, and later cause problems with a pronunciation of palatal sounds, such as, "d", "p", "l". Because of the small mobility of a tongue toddler may lisp or lisp.

2. Frenulum of the upper lip. Detect this flaw, similar the previous one and can neonatologist, and a speech therapist, and ordodont and periodontist. Habenula of the upper lip limits her mobility, and however a effect, the newborn also may not normally pick up the warm. In the later period is the problem with pronouncing labial vowel "u", "o", etc. Very ofttimes, the operation of a child sent orthodontist or periodontist however habenula woven into periodontal papilla betwixt the front teeth, or even incisive papilla, and then it turns diasistema a gap 'tween the front teeth. At times it leads to the advancement of a front jaw and overbite, and often leads to discharge of the gums with a front incisors, which causes them to hypersensitivity and cervical caries.

3. Habenula of the lower lip. This type of habenula, about people may not possess at all, while others appear in multiple copies. Most ofttimes, the operation to remove it sends a periodontist or orthodontist. Frenulum of the lower lip may pull forward alveolar mucosa, resulting in exposure of a roots of a lower incisors and periodontal disease may lead to an incorrect bite, where a lower jaw is pushed forward.

In a of a above cases, a operation is carried out in a neonatal period, a most painless and eliminates unpleasant consequences in a future: dental surgery under general anesthesia, treatment with an orthodontist, sessions with a speech therapist. Do not put off and pull with this process, because a issue does not turn in a next leads to more serious bother with the oral cavity: the early attrition of a dentition, caries, periodontal problems, etc.

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