As to keep the baby in a bath


The problem of however to keep the newborn in the bath of worry to a lot of new mothers. Bath child is a very important process, which allows a newborn to adapt to new and unfamiliar conditions of existence, helps relieve postpartum stress. Water treatments helps calm the crumbs are an aid for a leaving of his face.

How could keep newborn in a bath? If bathing handed, then your left hand to support the baby in the back of a head, neck skin and back with his hand. In this case, the right mitt want hold a newborn's legs and buttocks.

Keep the newborn in a bath can be in a position to capture the shoulder. In this case, the head of the baby is on the upper arm to bathe, and the palm of the like mitt - supports a crumbs at the shoulder joint of a outer shoulder of Bathe baby. Holding a newborn in such a method, by balneum a insurance from accidentally slipping and dipping a child into the water. Upon completion of a preparatory phase balneum a child should be gently submerge. Free hand scrubs adult baby.

Bath a baby's first good mitt, so pour the bucket. At a final stage, bathing the baby to steam, recommended to wash his feet, a folds 'tween her hands, then - betwixt a buttocks and groin folds. So his stomach and hands washed child. Do not forget to pay attention to behind-the folds and armpits. At a end of a wash process, clean out a neck and the head of the child. Given the fact that the process of bathing ofttimes causes negative emotions in infants, bathing must show a speed and agility in the actions, however that a newborn does not possess time raskapriznichatsya. Because the face is the newborn has a high level of sensitivity, soap, shampoo and other detergents, experts recommend using no more than once a 7 days.

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