Newborn fester eyes


A most common cause of lacrimal obstruction in babies up to 2 months in the channel is the formation of however-called "gelatinous tube." Other causes of obstruction are much rarer. The disease is quite common and occurs in about the size of 5% of babies. Inflammation of the skin eyes caused by the violation of the outflow of tears, called neonatal dacryocystitis. Gelatin film is formed from embryonic cells, mucus and the baby. Later birthday, with a 1st respiratory movements it is pushed, and tear duct breaks yourself. If for some cause, and there may be many, a channel itself is not penetrated, then a pathology that leads to inflammation. Sometimes tearing and inflammation begins almost with a 1st days following birth, occasionally by a end of a 1st month. Normally 1-st glazik inflamed, turns red later some 1-10 days appear purulent discharge, if the finger to press down a lacrimal sac space, from the point of tears will be pus. Most frequently gelatinous tube separates itself within 2 weeks of the birthday, but occasionally it does not. In any case, before a diagnosis and start treatment, it is necessary to show the child specialist.

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