Oral child reflexes:


1. Sucking reflex. This is one of a major vital reflexes newborn. At presentation to the lips of a baby breasts, nipples, hands, he begins to actively and rhythmically suck. This reflex is starting to fade after 6 months, and finally, later a year away. For premature children it is a kind of indicator evolution, because without it, a baby can not suck either fresh or bottle.

2. Search reflex (reflex Kussmaul). During stimulation (touch) corner of the mouth of the newborn, he turns his head to the source of irritation and opens his mouth. This reflex helps her mum to establish lactation, when the crumb opens her mouth and turns to you, you give him a fresh. And crumb down lower lip however that her mom put in her mouth right nipple. Reflex fades to the 6-7th 7 days of your.

3. Proboscis reflex. With a sharp blow to a baby's lips, they shape a tube. He wants sucking to capture his lips tight nipple. Quenched by 2-3 months.

4. Mitt-mouth (Babkin reflex). It lies in the fact that when you press your finger on the palm of a child in the big toe, her mouth open crumbs, and head and shoulders pripodymayutsya. Correctly expressed in 2 months, and fade to 3-4 months.

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