What to pick up to a hospital


When you have it should be with you only:

A passport

Exchange card

Compulsory insurance med. Policy

If delivery fee, a contract (contract) for delivery

Washable slippers. You want not take fluffy slippers.

This is a most basic, essential things for admission to delivery. Normally in free hospital more than anything and do not allow. In paid maternity, It is possible to pick up a lot of extra items, such as camera, camcorder, cell phone (it is consummate to pick up the charger). But in any hospital has its own rules permitted perfect to clarify things and about them in progress. Eat earlier birthday is not recommended, so fresh food is not stored.

But following getting into the rooms, where you will be with the baby will must more items. Later all, you keep to live there with a child with 3 to 10 days depending on a situation. List of required items for himself and the newborn in a House:

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