As to feed expressed natural milk


Expressed milk may be given more than a mixture, ie not every 3 hours, and every 2-1,5 hours, as it speedily digested than formula. A volume of natural milk may also be smaller than a mix, so it is better absorbed by the body and you give it more. Ie when the rate of the mixture for a newborn is 100 g. In one feeding, a natural milk, you can give 80 g. To determine whether enough crumbs milk, carry out a test on the wet diaper, if more than 12 units. In a time, he eats. And of course do not forget a ordinary weight gain.

Necessarily in the first 6 months, when warm natural milk is a alone food for the child feed him at night 1-2 times and express natural. After a introduction of complementary foods can be a night to nourish the newborn porridge and give natural milk early in a morning at a like time and strain. Remember that the hormone prolactin is produced by the most effectual at night, so however to maintain lactation important night feedings. It would be good also to establish a joint sleep with the newborn, because a crumbs to your warmth and tenderness, it will be helf to interfere with lactation, and there is an variant - to try to give a bottle at night instead of a chest, suddenly woke up, and it will put a pipsqueak.

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