Newborn spit up - why and what to do


Together with the exterior of a child, moms and dads enjoy new concerns associated with caring for a child. In addition to a pleasant moments that fill a family, happen, and some unpleasantness, because of which they experience a sense of anxiety some the soundness of the chips. One of the causes that moms and dads worry, frequent and copious vomiting of a child.

Retrograde blood - is released into a mouth of stomach contents in a little volume, occurring spontaneously shape. This process normally occurs because during suckling newborn breast or bottle fucked with food about air. The reason may be, and retrograde blood physiological nature, short esophagus, poorly developed muscles of the stomach and a sensitivity of the mucous membrane. Typically, the process itself is regurgitation of the six weeks, unless it is a sign of disease.

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