Dining untimely children


With regard to nutrition of premature infants, any doctors recommend early complementary feeding fresh, even called time, perhaps to nourish - this is later twelve hours. And this is due to a fact that if you do not give food to a child earlier, it may be an even greater loss of mass, and may get to expand such a dangerous phenomenon of tissue protein catabolism, which is why the earlier a baby receives diet food - the sooner his aging body will beginning to have used to proper functioning.

By a method, must consult with your physician and ask size a baby's condition. Typically, children who were born prematurely, but their condition is assessed how satisfactory, doctors prescribe 1-st feeding after six to twelve hours of the their birth. If a newborn is born in a serious condition, the first feeding is good to produce a day of the a birth. Such babies are introduced to the doctors started the operation of all of a careful decision, and a second day of your, taking them to a natural milk.

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