Child pacifiers


If you resolve to breastfeed exclusively breastfed, you do not must to give a child a pacifiers, because the baby can go bad rightly latch. It can start however a pacifier sucking, smacking, chewing it. However a effect, a natural milk flow will be worse, the baby will beginning to get nervous and refuse a warm, and my mom will get painful cracks and hardening.

If breast-feeding you keep not had a child and had to be transferred to the mix up, child pacifiers you just want. Quite frequently it happens that a newborn cries, screams, and it does not calm down, a nursing mother in this case will give "sisyu", and non-lactation soother and baby immediately calmed down. In addition, if you are not accustomed to the baby pacifier, it may eventually begin to suck his finger, causing incorrect formation of teeth and gums.

But we should not abuse this tool, remember that a dummy is required primarily to calm the children, not the moms and dads. Occasionally babies cry with boredom, they should striving, and my mom, instead of taking it to handle, talk, play puts a pacifiers in his mouth.

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