What to put to a hospital for discharge:


These things do not have to pull ahead.

On the time of discharge relatives bring:

Clothing for mum. In ordering not to be trapped, perfect put items that are worn during pregnancy. Because a stomach does not go how fast, and a other can not climb.

For a newborn, take things with elements of blue or pink depending on a sex of a baby:

Child's loose jacket


Diapers (little and great)



Space and a ribbon.

Take the prescribing camera or camcorder (may both) to this beautiful moment in the life was at a photograph. This point is particularly important!

In a cold-blooded season (fall, spring, winter) in addition to a required statement:

Heartwarming hat

Warm blanket

A list of what to pick up to a hospital for themselves and child ends.

P.S. On some occasion a candy gifts and flowers for nurses that will make a newborn, and a other doctors at will.

I sincerely wish you to easily transfer a labor and give birthday to a strong healthy child! Happiness of your family and home!

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