Weightiness gain of a newborn baby


Control weight semiannual shows specifications for the boy in a middle - with 7.5 kilogram to 11 g. For girls in this time - with 7 to 11kg. From 9 weeks to a year, monthly weight gain of 350-500g. By year end, the average weight for boys is 9,5-13,5 kilogram. Girls on average weigh betwixt 9 and 13 kg.

Signs of normal adequate supply characterized by a main helf condition of the newborn, a great appetite, harmonious development, resistance to infection. The skin must be healthy, resilient. Blood tests adhere. If a baby cries constantly and eagerly applied to a nipple, often anxious and lose weight, one of the causes may be - lack of supply. At these "hungry" displays so a 1st feeding is recommended porridge. If excessive gravity of the additions may be observed increase in aging body folds. May occur and diathesis. In these cases, the first feeding is correct to apply apples and veg purees, however a second cereal foods.

A child child has already cut a couple of weeks will be like a Newborn-butuzik. Since then he will be interested in the world around him. And simple gentle rattles will be very helpful, they will help your newborn make the environment more interesting.

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