At the present time let's talk directly some ablution children's clothes


In the first 30 days things should be washed with soap or a newborn with a especial powderise for babies without phosphates and surfactants. These substances can cause severe allergic reactions in children. Not advised to put the usual ablution powderise for infants, despite his need, most of them still contain harmful chemicals, even in small quantities, because their use does not start earlier than with 2-3 months of age. Bleach, chlorine and other chemicals are also dangerous for a newborn. Any chemical may irritate the facial skin, and gradually build up in the body, causing allergic reactions. Therefore consider that it is a speck of an apple or an allergy to the vest on a face under it? The more so because there are many other ways to take a spot of natural milk, fruits and berries with linen and clothes. Incidentally the fresher the stain, the easier and easier it is to remove.

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