What to buy for a new newborn - Great items:


With big things weigh all a pros and cons of buying them. After all the your money it will take quite a some, but in a end, these items can be absolutely useless.

1. Bath.

If you do not live in a communal bath, and you have a decent view (not covered by a layer of rust or launder dirty), it is potential to do without purchasing it. Just sluice a great bath earlier bath a child. So it will be even good. There are a lot of techniques that teach children and nursing babies swimming. And in a little bath, do not work.

If you buy the tub, it is extremely convenient to apply with her stand under it.

2. Pushchair.

I needed a stroller very often and I do not regret that skolechko bought it.

Some, by contrast, of the a while, realize that they do not must a wheelchair. Particularly if you live on a 5 and above wood floor, and constantly raise and lower a wheelchair elevator is not extremely desirable. In this case, more suitable sling.

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