What to pick up to a hospital of things:


Utensils (cup, spoonful, plate)

Notebook and pen

Meals in the hospital bearable, may eat. Honestly of the delivery a some consummate to sit on this regimen. It is you enjoy adapted, under the baby (that rash was not). Can pick up with tea bags and sahorka. All a rest of a option will bring relatives.

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What to pick up to a hospital


When you get it must be with you alone:

A passport

Exchange card

Compulsory insurance med. Policy

If delivery fee, the contract (contract) for delivery

Washable slippers. You need not pick up fluffy slippers.

This is a most main, essential items for admission to delivery. Normally in free hospital more than anything and do not allow. In paid maternity, you can take lots of extra items, like camera, camcorder, cell phone (it is consummate to take a charger). But in every hospital has its own rules permitted better to clarify items and about them in progress. Читать полностью -->

How to keep baby


Young parents are frequently faced with a question of however to hold a baby. Pipsqueak, he seems so fragile and vulnerable, ofttimes adults are even afraid to touch him, to avoid being hurt. But just in a gentle hands of a closest people newborn needs most of all, the newborn demands to feel a warmth, this is exactly so he feels safe in his new world.

In fact, taking him up one day, you'll know how to do it consummate, and he tells you his language, yet quite small and is not of the body. While there are certainly some of a rules and however to hold a newborn to help adults feel confident and do it more safe for a small man.

Most importantly, when you take the newborn in his arms - is calm and confidence. Extraneous thoughts and fears can hurt, so earlier you put a child child, leave all the concerns, exhale, relax and alone so take the child. Slightest doubt the kid will be passed, how our task - in the case this does not happen.

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Synthetic feeding newborns


Many moms throughout the neonatal fresh fed child. In those cases where a child immediately of the birth is bottle-fed, the local medic advises her mother on however to select a mixing or writes his fresh food with dairy diet food. Yet, it is desirable that in the regime and a newborn got donor warm natural milk. Although pasteurization largely deprives natural milk biologically active substances, a major protein components, the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates are stored. This helps to avoid overstressing the functional digestive system and facilitates the child newborn uptake of essential nutrients.

Children who are bottle-fed, to feed 3.5 hours. A fact that there is enough sated child may be judged by his behavior: if a newborn is quiet, sleeps comfortably and wakes up only at the time of feeding, and it starts to add to mass to a aging body that means he need a one-time 6-feeding. Читать полностью -->

As to dress child at home


When mothers dress your infants for a home environment, they also must follow the steps.

If a rooms is pretty cool, so a newborn want wear cotton underwear, a lightness suit and warm socks. This kit should be supplemented wool suit.

If a cottage is hot, then you can have socks and a thin T-shirt. Coming up with something extra is not indispensable. This baby clothes is sufficient.

All these recommendations are chief and will work for most babies. But in all matters required to consider a newborn's wishes and his idiosyncrasies.

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